Covid 19, we are at your side

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The health crisis we are going through is unprecedented. It’s with deep emotion that we think of all of our clients who closed temporarily their stores. We greet this gesture of solidarity for their customers, employees and hospital staff.

On our side and after careful consideration, we have decided to reduce our workforce to its strictest level in order to meet the containment measures dictated by the French authorities

However, we continue to receive new orders every day that we have to fulfill. Consequently, we have decided to ensure a minimum order and delivery service that meets the constraints of reduced staff.

Europe & Middle East:
=> We take your orders 24 hours in advance by phone at + or by email
=> A hotline is provided every day from 9 am to 5.30 pm without interruption at +

=> Elodie Ma, Asia Sales Manager remains at your disposal at +85 293 447 236 or by email
=> For any questions about transportation, our French exportation service is still available from 9 am to 5.30 pm (French time) without interruption at + or by mail

All the measures have been undertaken to allow our employees to provide this service according with strict sanitary rules. We will continue to give you news during this difficult period in order to maintain this bond, which is so precious to us between passionate craftsmen.