Desserts on the plate by JULIEN DUGOURD

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During the month of May, we had the great pleasure of receiving Julien Dugourd, Pastry Chef of the Chèvre d’Or (** Michelin) who officiates with Chef Arnaud Faye (MOF 2018). This demonstration reserved for customers of Chocolaterie de l’Opéra® has allowed them to discover new aromatic associations and ideas for plate decoration but also to benefit from organisational advice. Julien Dugourd is an artist overflowing with ideas, but he is also an excellent manager who energetically combines the efficiency and well-being of his team. Congratulations Julien and thank you all for coming.

Download your recipe booklet (accessible with your password/if lost:

The recipes proposed by Julien Dugourd:

  • Brownie tartlet (with Tannea & Altapaz)
  • Saint Honoré cake (with Mekonga)
  • Millefeuille (with Jamaya)
  • Baba (with Madong)
  • Choco-praline (with Altapaz)