Discover in pre-launch our first organic dark chocolate


Our first organic chocolate from the Pures Plantations® range has arrived!
DUARTA 70% – Dominican Republic origin.

An organic origin that does not detract from the taste!
The taste being our priority criterion in the creation of a new chocolate, we pay the greatest attention to the selection of our cocoa beans. By offering you this very first organic chocolate from the Pures Plantations® range, we are respecting this commitment. The natural qualities of the Dominican Republic origin as well as those of its agricultural conduct, result in the production of excellent cocoa beans with well-marked aromatic typicity.
Thanks to our expertise as a chocolate creator, in particular by carrying out a gentle and slow roasting, we obtain a rounded chocolate that is both full of fruits and cocoa notes. The power is moderate but the aromatic balance is perfect!

A novelty in the PURES PLANTATIONS® range
Like the other product of this exceptional range, DUARTA 70% Organic is produced with a single type of beans, “Hispañola Superior” from a single Trinitario genetic profile and from a single geographical origin. Given its organic characteristics, the recipe has been slightly adapted but has the same technical fluidity characteristics, ideal for tablets and coatings.

Without lecithin.
In order to offer a chocolate made with natural ingredients, we have removed soy lecithin.
One way to meet the expectations of consumers of products from organic farming.

To know everything about DUARTA 70% BIO:
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