Discover our new white chocolate Diapason® 33%

DIAPASON® 33% , taste the white elegance..
Listening to our customers’ needs inspired us to create this new white chocolate. DIAPASON® 33% is no exception to the flavour standards set by our other chocolates, namely a slightly sweet, but very aromatic flavour.. The sensation in the mouth is one of indulgence, highlighted by whole milk flavours and vanilla notes. Thanks to a high cocoa butter content DIAPASON®33% has an ideal fluidity for bars, coating and moulding.

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We asked talented Chefs to produce a booklet of exclusive recipes. Our heartfelt thanks to Christophe Tuloup (Pastry Chef at the restaurant Têtedoie in Lyon), Mathieu Blandin (Production Manager at Maison Caffet® and World Pastry Champion), Vincent Durant (Winner 2018 of the « Un des Meilleurs Ouvriers de France » contest) and Fabien Deal (Consultant at Yssingeaux school)

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