No one escapes it !


When you are  « Chocolaterie de l’Opéra », it’s hard not going to the biggest metting dedicated to chocolate ! At this occasion, Olivier de Loisy, founder of the Chocolaterie de l’Opéra, was interviewed by Eri Ikezi at the conference based on the theme « Why does the Bean-to-Bar trend still not take in France? » a broad topic…

Videos extracts…
Why this trend doesn’t take in France ?
Should an artisan chocolate maker make his own chocolate?

We were also present there thanks to Laurent Favre-Mot, the rock pastry chef of Paris. He indeed made a very nice live demonstration the night of the inauguration using two chocolates of origin :

Madong chocolate : foie gras / roasted nibs cocoa beans / Madong chocolate lollipop with red wine
Altapaz chocolate : potimarron confit finger dessert   / chestnut and chocolate chips smoked with vine shoots