Webinar: in the heart of plantations in Panama

Une Plantation

EXCLUSIVELY: MONDAY OCTOBER 26th, 2020 at 2 pm on Zoom (Paris Time)

It is in Panama City that we invite you meet Julissa Dominguez. the local project manager of the plantation.
Julissa will take you behind the scene of the cultivation of the cocoa beans that are used to produce DELTORA 70% – our brand new dark
couverture chocolate. During this presentation, topical issues will be raised: new production methods for sustainable cultivation,
how to reduce the impact on the environment, how to improve the local populations conditions of living ?

Your detailed schedule:
- Presentation of Chocolaterie de l’Opéra and the new dark chocolate DELTORA 70% by Nicolas de Loisy
- Presentation of the eco-responsible project of Forest Finance (owner of the plantation) by Lenny Martinez
- Screening of an exclusive presentation video of the plantation, by Julissa Dominguez (local Forest Finance Project Manager)
- Followed by a  direct live question-answer exchange


More information about DELTORA 70%

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