Séquencia® Technology


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A new revolutionary roasting process

For more than five years, Olivier and Nicolas de Loisy studied what happens during roasting and how the Maillard Reaction acts on the cocoa beans.
Through this research they found that by developing roasting cycles, we can bring out the aromas that were previously removed during this stage of the chocolate manufacturing process.
How? Modulating the length and temperature during the cocoa roasting process.
Roasting cycles are adapted to each different type of selected cocoa bean.

This chocolate allows you to discover the true taste of the cocoa bean…

A new production site

To take advantage of this new sequential roasting process in its production, it has developed its own set of made-for-the-purpose manufacturing equipment, the only of its kind in the world.
In the new buildings located in Chateaurenard, Olivier and Nicolas de Loisy make it a point of honour to combine cutting-edge technology with traditional expertise.

Séquencia® Technology (innovation n°537259)
Research cofounded by the Ministry of Industry, the Bouches-du-Rhône Department and the Provence Alpes Côtes d’Azur Region.