A new packaging for dark and milk chocolates!

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After two years of testing on white chocolates, a new packaging is currently under development on our dark and milk couverture chocolates productions.

This preformed packaging doesn’t change the quality of our production but it has two major advantages:

A better protection:
- its closing technique improves sealing and resistance
- the 3 layers composition of the film protects from humidity, oxygen and light

A more practical use: 
- thanks to the integrated zip closure system, the bags open and close with a simple gesture
- the now flat bottom allows for better stability and storage

Attention, for technical reasons, the purchase quantities have been changed: 
- 5kg bags: delivered in Master boxes of 20 kg
– 1.5kg bags: delivered in Master boxes of 15 kg

This change leads to a modification of the technical files that will be updated according to the development.

3 new technical files are already available, downloadable with your access code.
- ADAGIO 40%
- DIVO 40%