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  • Chocolate
    Pures Plantations®

Dark chocolate CARUPANO 70%

Venezuela - Barlovento & Carenero


Carupano® 70% captures our expertise and was the first chocolate in the Pures Plantations range. It strikes the perfect balance between roasted cocoa and dried fruit aromas underpinned by woody almond notes. 


Chocolaterie de l’Opéra only uses CARENERO Superior cocoa beans (a Trinitario hybrid). Its signature fruity, spicy and nutty aromas are complex and highly sought-after. It is grown mainly in Barlovento but is unfortunately even rarer.


Total cocoa

Cocoa butter


Initial flavour: round with notes of roasted cocoa

Middle: notes of dried fruit

Finish: woody notes of almond and very cocoa-edged

Main sensations

Sugar : Low

Strength : Medium

Persistence : Strong


Coconut, Hazelnut, Raspberry, Orange.

Best for

Decorating, moulding,
Coating, bars

  • Best before

    24 months after production date.

  • Packaging

    5kg bag - 20kg box / 1,5kg bag - 15kg box

  • Allergens

    Milk - Lactose - Soya - Oil/fat from soya entirely refined - Fructose - Suitable for vegetarians and vegans