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  • Chocolate
    Pures Plantations®

Dark chocolate GAYAS 64%



While its composition makes it suitable for all types of use, Gayas® 64% has been designed to perfect coatings. With a cocoa butter content of 37%, its fluidity gives a precise amber-brown coating. Its aromatic palette is cocoa-edged, with notes of honey, cooked fruit and soft spices.


A unique terroir with outstanding conditions for producing and protecting the famous category ASSS (Arriba Superior Summer Selecto) cocoa bean. Their floral and fruity notes elevated by woody aromas that won over the teams at Chocolaterie de l’Opéra®.


Total cocoa

Cocoa butter


Initial flavour: gentle and fresh.

Middle: cocoa-edged, notes of honey, cooked fruits and soft spices.

Finish: cocoa and sugar.

Main sensations

Sugar : Medium

Strength : Strong

Persistence : Strong


Coconut, Raspberry, Hazelnuts, Orange

Best for

Coating, bars

  • Best before

    24 months.

  • Packaging

    5kg bag

  • Allergens

    Soya, may contain: milk. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.