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  • Chocolate
    Pures Plantations®

Dark chocolate DUARTA 70% ORGANIC

Dominican Republic - Duarte


Duarta 70% is the first organic chocolate in the Pures Plantations range and its aromatic profile holds its own against the rest of the range. The cane sugar is overshadowed by the intense fresh notes of blackcurrant and black cherry. 


Unlike major producers, the Dominican Republic has managed to hold onto its plantations' genetic roots. With marine soil unique to the country, Dominican soil contains some of the least cadmium heavy metal in the world. Fewer chemical products are used meaning its cocoa production is among the purest in the world.


Total cocoa

Cocoa butter

Cane sugar


Initial flavour: notes of blackcurrant and black cherry, the taste of cane sugar is moderate

Middle: fruity aromatic palette

Finish: long with a touch of bitterness

Main sensations

Sugar : Low

Strength : Strong

Persistence : Medium


Orange, Cardamom, Red berries (blackcurrant, blueberry, raspberry).

Best for

Chocolaterie: ganaches,
Coating, bars,
Pastry: mousses, crémeux, biscuits

  • Best before

    24 months after production date.

  • Packaging

    1,2kg bag / 12kg box