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  • Chocolate
    The Classics

Dark chocolate TEMPO 56%

South America & Indian Ocean


Tempo® 56% is a dark chocolate couverture with a cocoa hit ideal for making ganache, mousse and ice cream. This chocolate has a wide variety of flavours with an intense cocoa taste and tangy finish. 


Total cocoa

Cocoa butter


Initial flavour: gourmet with notes of dried grapes

Middle: strong taste of cocoa

Finish: hint of acidity and bitterness

Main sensations

Sugar : Strong

Strength : Medium

Persistence : Low


Bergamot, Tea, Raspberry

Best for

Drinks, ice creams,
Decorating, moulding,
Coating, bars

  • Best before

    24 months after production date.

  • Packaging

    5kg bag / 20kg box 1,5kg bag / 15kg box

  • Allergens

    Milk - Lactose - Soya - Oil/fat from soya entirely refined - Fructose - Suitable for vegetarians and vegans