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Bonbon Creole

Gaël Majchrzak

Bonbon Creole

Recipe for 120 bonbons.

Recipe in 3 steps

Ganache old rhum and Samana 70%

hokkaido fresh cream 40% (A) 98g 20.1 %
Glucose syrup (A) 22g 4.5 %
Inverted sugar (A) 25g 5.1 %
Sorbitol (A) 22g 4.5 %
Milk chocolate DIVO 40% 116g 23.8 %
Dark chocolate SAMANA 62% 145g 29.8 %
AOP unsalted butter 82% (C) 22g 4.5 %
Old rhum (B) 36g 7.4 %
Total 486g 100%

In bowl of batter, put A.

Mix with the hook mix at the 1st speed and after 2 minutes add the chocolates and B and continue to mix until you got the elasticity and dough don’t stick.

Add C and mix until is not sticking the bowl. Let improve for 30 minutes outside with a film and put in freezer 45 minutes to stop the yeast.

Keep overnight in fridge.

Divide and roll the bun, let improve until volume is double and fried them.

Pineapple compote

Pineapple high fruit compote 300g 100.0 %
Total 300g 100%


Dark chocolate CARUPANO 70% 180g 100.0 %
Total 180g 100%

Final assembly


Put the puff on tart and pipe a bit of custard and sprinkle some petals.