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Jamaya Bonbon

Franck Kestener

Jamaya Bonbon

Recipe in 2 steps

Almond paset / creamy coffee

Fresh cream 35% fat 100g 16.0 %
Sorbitol powder 20g 3.2 %
Coffee paste 5g 0.8 %
Almond paste 50% 500g 80.0 %
Total 625g 100%

Bail the cream with the sorbitol and the coffee paste.

Pour the almonde paste and wisk to obtain a homogeneous texture.

Spread between 2 sheets in a frame of 3 mm thick 36/36 cm.

Let it cool.

Jamaya 73% ganache

Cream 35% fat 285g 37.3 %
Sorbitol powder 33g 4.3 %
Glucose syrup 60DE 33g 4.3 %
Invert sugar 13g 1.7 %
Dark chocolate ALTAPAZ 73% 400g 52.3 %
Total 764g 100%

Boil cream and sugars.

Let the temperature cool to 80 ° C and pour over the chopped chocolate.

Mix gently to pour into a 5 mm thick frame over the almond coffee paste.

Let crystallise one night.

Coat over the ganache and turn over the frame.

Coat again but on over the almond paste and cut right after at 28/28 mm.

Let it cool stand overnight and coat chocolate with Jamaya® 73% couverture chocolate.

Decor with a star tip piping bag.

Chef's word

Franck Kestener

I wanted to bring out JAMAYA's fresh flavour by pairing it with sweeter almond notes. It has a great harmony of flavours.