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Julien Dugourd


Pastry is a delicate art whose success depends on our ability to bring our ideas to life.

I use Opéra products for that vital reason. They inspire me in my everyday life and enable me to make my wildest dreams come true. 

That's true of MADONG 70% dark chocolate which I'm particularly fond of. I make recipes with a genuinely unique flavour using its smoky side from Papua New Guinea's volcanic land. This chocolate has become a real source of inspiration for me.  I also love MEKONGA 70% for its perfect balance between sharp and cocoa notes. I sometimes pair it with fruit. The latest DELTORA is another success in terms of aroma and its eco-friendly origin is a major asset. Using responsible products has become essential in our industry. Overall, I'd say that Chocolaterie de l’Opéra chocolate has a unique flavour that gives our recipes that "je ne sais quoi".  Its quality meets the standards of a Michelin-starred restaurant and especially its clients.