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New Christmas recipes!

Yule log, chocolate bars and entremet recipes to discover

Many of you are already preparing for Christmas. Discover the new recipes for logs, chocolate bars and entremets created by two Meilleurs Ouvriers de France: Frédéric Hawecker and Vincent Durant.

Yule logs and chocolate bars by Chef Frédéric Hawecker

For his private demonstration on June 26 & 27, Chef Frédéric Hawecker created 2 log recipes, 3 chocolate bar recipes and a Mucicao marshmallow recipe. Discover the secrets behind their creation!

- Tropical Yule Log

- Mistral Yule Log

- Crunchy Cinnamon Bar

- Crunchy Pistachio & Raspberry Bar

- Crunchy Yuzu, Matcha & Coconut Bar

- Mucicao Marshmallow For Moulding

3 Christmas recipes by Vincent Durant

Vincent Durant, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier - Confiseur, unveils 3 new recipes created during his latest private demonstration in Dubai, in collaboration with Wisk Food.

- Vanilla, Pecan Nut, Tannea 43% Christmas Log

- Cherry, tonka and Tannea 70% cake

- Maple Syrup, Pecan Nuts, Figs and Tannea Barre


These recipes highlight our Madagascar-origin chocolates: Tannea 70% dark chocolate and Tannea 43% milk chocolate.