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  • Chocolate

Dark chocolate JAMAYA 73%

Jamaica Saint Mary Parish


A rare origin elevated by Séquencia® roasting. A "signature" chocolate with subtle flavours: a combination of vanilla, green and woody notes with a dried fruit aftertaste. 


The jamaican beans were left to their own devices for a long time and over the centuries developed a fantastic flavour profile. ICCO has recognised this asset and named it "fine cocoa". The delicate aromas strike the right balance with diverse notes.


Total cocoa

Cocoa butter


Initial flavour: sweet and slightly vanilla flavoured

Middle: explosion of vegetal and woody notes

Finish: length on pecan and dried fruit

Main sensations

Sugar : Low

Strength : Strong

Persistence : Strong


Rum, Mint, Coffee, Raspberry

Best for

Decorating, moulding,
Coating, bars

  • Best before

    24 months after production date.

  • Packaging

    5kg bag / 20kg box 1,5kg bag / 15kg box

  • Allergens

    Milk proteins - Lactose - Soya proteins - Soya oil - Fructose - Suitable for vegetarians and vegans